Corporate Overview

LeagStar is an educational technology and business consulting company. Our goal is to produce multi-million dollar opportunities: opportunities which has potential to earn more than a Crore per annum.

LeagStar researches and finds niche areas. These areas are majorly categorized into two parts- individual opportunity areas and business opportunity areas. Both the opportunities have potential to blossom individuals into high net-worth individual. We build programs to help people explore unique business opportunities in these niche areas.

One such business opportunity is E-Commerce or Online Sales in India. This is one of the Business Vertical we are emphasizing at the moment. We believe eCommerce stores that sell products online are the future of Indian Market.

Our program- Global Vision is geared towards retailers, manufacturers, businessmen – who want to expand their business through multi-channel sales. One of these channel is online store. Thus, we focus on building E-Commerce Solutions for Indian marketplaces.

Unlike others, LeagStar is a business consulting company which aims at building opportunities- rather than merely suggesting them. We grow and nurture your business.