Building a Dream

I am Umesh Gurnani. This is the story of my dream. A dream called LeagStar, which I am trying to realize.

It was the fall of 2009. I was based at Pleasanton, California. At that time, my daughter was nine years old. Like most other parents, I was pondering what can she become in future? What would be her career? Though I believe that kids will choose their own careers but we as a parent will play a major role in helping them decide their career choice.

I went to IIT Delhi, to complete my B.Tech. This had a major influence on my thought process. I wanted my daughter to be a celebrity, someone like: Warren Buffet, Sachin Tendulkar, Anil Ambani or Hitesh Oberoi. I started thinking: How do you make celebrities?

This was the birth of a concept: Multi-million Dollar opportunity or  Celebrity opportunity: an opportunity which allows a person to earn more than a crore. Very few people are able to achieve these types of opportunities which are limited in number. People who are able to pursue these types of opportunities are usually leaders in their field.

LeagStar is derived from: League + Star i.e. Stars of League. This was reflection of our thought of the kind of people we wanted to build.

We started building program which will help people explore Multi-million dollar opportunities.

My vision was that LeagStar will be an institute who will be building celebrity or multimillion dollar opportunities.

With these thoughts, after spending several years in USA, I relocated to India to setup the operations of LeagStar Career Technology Private Limited.