Partner with Us

Partner With Us

LeagStar works with a single mission: Building the Million Dollar Career.

We offer products which will build the celebrity career. Some of our products are delivered in collaboration with limited number of schools. We invite schools to become our partners in our endeavor.

Benefit of Partnership:

LeagStar brings the quality education programs and unique opportunities to school campus. LeagStar manage these programs entirely by itself without adding any extra burden to schools. These programs are designed to offer the following benefits:

  • Exposure to International level education
  • LeagStar bring celebrities to school campus
  • Programs are managed by professionals/experts in their area
  • LeagStar brings infrastructure and expertise to school campus which is generally not easily available
  • Programs are offered through limited number of exclusive schools
  • Program attracts highly talented kids
  • Satisfaction of building a celebrity in your campus

Selection Criteria:

While selecting school for partnership, we look at the following to insure that we can offer the quality experience to kids:

  • School’s Infrastructure
  • Quality of education
  • School’s Commitment for education
  • School’s Commitment for building the career of kids
    • How to become a partner:

      Send an email indicating your contact details to . One of our representatives will connect with you.