What is Global Vision?


Global Vision is a Business Consulting program. This program is focused on creating multimillion dollar opportunities for the small and medium business owners. At the moment we are focusing on e-commerce businesses.

Global Vision is for those individuals who have an ambition to grow.


E-Commerce is also known as online shopping. It offers un-parallel business opportunities for business owners and individuals. It requires e-Commerce domain expertise and product expertise to run an e-commerce business. We bring e-commerce domain expertise and offer end-to-end solution to build your e-commerce business from scratch.


Our goal is to insure that you have your e-commerce business and you can run it as well.

To achieve this we take three phase approach:

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Train and Build eCommerce Capabilities

Setup eCommerce Infrastructure

Run eCommerce Business

Our approach tries to ensure that by the end of Phase 3 e-commerce business is running and customer is ready to take it over.


Running operations of e commerce requires understanding of the following:

  • Software Engineering (Website features, User Friendly etc.),
  • E-commerce Retailing (Portfolio Management, Warehouse Management, Acquisition, Logistics Set-Up, Payment Model etc.) and;
  • Internet marketing (SEO, SEM, Social Media, Page Rank etc.).

We bring all these expertise at your doorstep. Our team has expertise in setting up and running e-commerce operations elsewhere.We provide custom solutions for all the E commerce prerequisites as well which will match your requirement.


  • Learn e-commerce Business: We train you to understand e-commerce at the same time we also handhold you to run your e-commerce business. This provides you comfort: you are in goodhand.
  • LeagStar Advantage: LeagStar team has experience of setting up and running the ecommerce business. This provides you unique edge over your competitors.
  • Cost Effective Solution: E-commerce is relatively new area. There is scarcity of trained manpower. Trained man power is very expensive. Hiring a full fledge team and setting up new e-commerce business might be very expensive. LeagStar provides you full capability at the fraction of cost.
  • New Business Models: We also provide options to setup e-commerce business which doesn’t exist in India at this time. These businesses are based on new business models. These models are geared towards providing new services in India.


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